Rhys Logan. adventurer. Image maker.Lover.


This is me. My name is Rhys.  I like pushing buttons, one in particular. 

I started my career assisting Josh Kill. It was his guidance and creative, curious, and sometimes outlandish brain that inspired me not to take life too seriously, and that there is no such thing as a bad idea.. only the inability to follow through on them.

     After snowboarding my way through most of college I decided photography was a really good way to facilitate encounters with what and whom I enjoy most of all; people.  People interest me, the things they do, the way they spend their time, the way they spend their money.. Why they do what they do. The world is an extremely curious place.  I feel that I experience it most fully when I am photographing it.  Sparing no tiny detail, no honest expression, no isolated moment.  I photograph what I love, I photograph who I love.  No matter what it is, you should do it as big and as loud as you can.

Corny, i know. 

But there is no such thing as a small part of life, and photos are my life, I try and show that through my work.

  • I like creating. Finding visual solutions is my niche.  Tell me your story, then let me tell your story.  You can find me in Seattle, Bellingham and Wenatchee, Washington.  You can send me anywhere.


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