Bellingham Roller Betties / by Rhys Logan

 Put this on your list of things to do if you're trying to experience the city of Bellingham at its fullest and finest.  At Civic Field Sportsplex, you'll find one of the funniest, most entertaining and competitive spectators sports you've ever witnessed.  There's only one sport you could be thinking of by now, and you're right, Roller Derby.  The Bellingham Roller Betties elbow, slide, bash, bang and skate their way around an oval track scoring points by making laps.  A non-profit organization, the Roller Betties draw crowds of up to 1,400 people with the proceeds going to local charities and/or organizations.

This is Bellingham people doing what they do best; band together, build a community and enjoy it.

Lynn Munn, 45, is better known as Sasha L Spank U on match days

Roller Betty Anouncer  Lynn Munn, 45, better known as Sasha L SpankU, cleans dust of her skates before team Flash's match

Elizabeth Li, a 38 year-old lawyer, becomes jammer Contra Vers E at the starting line