Ridin' Low, in the 3-6-0 / by Rhys Logan

Back in the older days in Mexico, the young men and young women would gather in the plaza, dressed their best. They would walk toward each other and when their eyes met, that meant they would become romantic partners. That is the story Abraham Rodriguez, junior and co-chair of M.E.Ch.A, told to illustrate how low riders are an adaptation of that.
“It’s changed a bit, but the idea is the same, the tricked-out cars are meant to catch the eyes of all,” Rodgriguez said.
And catch people’s eyes they did.
Brightly colored custom paint jobs and chrome rims glimmered in the sun, while dual amp bass systems thumped Spanish hip-hop. A hydraulic hop contest in which cars bounced off the pavement as high as five feet, topped the day off for the ninth annual low rider show, Ridin’ Low in the 3-6-0
Rodriguez estimated 1,500 people attended the event, put on by M.E.Ch.A. in Red Square, Sunday May 17. It showcased more than 90 vintage and modern cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Traditional Mexican folk dancers from the Ballet Folklorico Monalco perform in red square Sunday, May 17

Fluid erupts from a lowrider during the hop contest. The battery was dislodged after the car hopped nearly 5 feet off the ground

A three-point stance is taken by one of the cars with the use of hydraulics