Roblealto Bible Home / by Rhys Logan

This spring break, myself and 21 other college friends were able to be part of a volunteer team and travel to Costa Rica to serve at the Roblealto Bible Home, outside of San Jose, Costa Rica for ten days. The bible home fosters children removed from high risk situations and is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.
These are a few of my favorit shots, and the slideshow is a few hundred of the 5,000 images i took while there.

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I will be posting actual video soon as well 

Roblealto Bible Home, Costa Rica 2010 from rhys logan on Vimeo.


We were in the Charlotte Airport for 12 hours, it was a significant part of the trip...

Fresh mangoes are a dime a dozen in Costa Rica. The children eat them like apples.If we were not working, we were playing baseball, soccer, basketball or just about any game with the kids. After a great few innings of baseball in a Costa Rican rain storm, a prayer under a rainbow finished the day perfectly.

Once a year, for five days, all of the children from Roblealto have a summer camp. We were a very lucky group to be able to attend with them and be part of their week long adventure playing sports, swimming in the pool, having sunday school and capping it off wit a day in the mud pit.The dry season just began in Costa Rica, but with the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans converging over such a tiny strip of coast downpours were a regular occurrence every night. Tony Saddler gets the photo credit for this one, we had been trying to catch the lightning all night and he released the shutter for this photo.