Stevens Pass Big Air Fiesta 2011 / by Rhys Logan

The 2011 Stevens Pass Big Air Fiesta went down Saturday March 26, with local shreds throwing down doubles, cab spins, 90's straight airs and much more.  In a classic Pacific Northwest gray day, competition was fierce but the good times had were the best prizes on the afternoon.
Stevens shredder Matt Wainhouse took first, Sir Max McIndoe came up with second, 14 year phenom Matt Penny took third, and mr Michigan hailed in fourth.

good day


Stevens Pass Big Air Fiesta 2011 from rhys logan on Vimeo.

Manuel Diaz gettin inverted

Wainhouse takin it house

Matt Penny aka "TwirlyBird"

Bart Patitucci pokin it, twice.

Sir Michigan with a solid Craig Kelly tribute.

Patitucci's 'sick front three' that would unknowingly land him a new pair of boots.

Matt Wainhouse leanin' wit' it.