Brand Spankin' New / by Rhys Logan

Got to hit up an ultra secret classified government project location with local mountain bike talents Nick Marvik, Matt Orlando and videographer Ben White yesterday.  After clearing the armed checkpoints, and bribing a man known only as "Uncle Rico" we headed up the mountain into a few inches of snow, making me realize just how hardcore these duece-wheeled rippers are. 

The Hardcore was confirmed after they shoveled and raked for a good 30 minutes, excavating a sweet stump gap, out of the snow, ripping rock gardens in between, and bouncing off of the (this is where I get to use my newly acquired mountain biking slang) 'Baby Heads' as we headed down hitting spots on the way. 

Finished the day with some sweet lines at eye bleeding speed and only one slide into home plate on the day made for one of the most killer times I've had shooting this year. 

Major thanks to Ben, Nick, Matt and Northwest Riders for hooking it up. 




Untitled from rhys logan on Vimeo.