How many streak jokes? / by Rhys Logan

Being a Mariners fan, just got a lot more fun. 

Does it have anything to do with the sun finally coming out? Or the great winning streaks the team has been able to put together the last few weeks? No. Streaks, however, have been at the forefront of every sports headline regarding Saturdays game, thanks to one (now) infamous Mariner fan who decided to charge the field, wearing nothing but his hat. Had I not already read about 10,000 naked baseball/streaker jokes, I might try and make some here, but I will spare you. Guess you could say it comes to long blog entries, I'm just a FLASH in the pan.... ha...ha.. moving on... 

Anyways what was already one of the greatest days in my recent memory, became solidified when four different field jumpers decided to test their luck, and juke skills, against the Safeco crowd security and alcohol enforcement crews.  Arrests were made, beer was spilled (R.I.P) crowd inspiration was accomplished, and I think one of the security guards who made the most devastating hit on one of the dashing daredevils --in fan tackling history-- has been getting calls from the Seahawks for middle linebacker tryouts. Ok the last part may not be true, but all said and done what a great day.  I hope you saw my face on tv, right after roommate and fellow game attendee Tyler took Olivo's ground rule double right in the chest.  A win in extra innings, only sweetened the deal even more.




Yankee fans walk through a sunny Safeco Field Saturday, May 28

Former Mariner Freddy Garcia tosses a ball to awaiting fans during pre game batting practice.

Mariner hurler Felix Hernandez warms up before taking on the Yankees at Safeco Field Saturday, May 28, 2011.

Both John Olerud and Edgar Martinez, former Mariner greats, were inducted into the Washington Sports Hall of Fame before Saturdays game. Journalist Emmet Watson was also inducted