Raging 'Yakers Round 2 / by Rhys Logan

Excursion day two of hanging with the funky foursome that is team Bomb Flow may not have had any near death experiences, but was nonetheless killer.  Fred Norquist, Evan Garcia, Sam Freihofer and Ryan Lucas were all back in action for round two on the Nooksack, this time at the legendary middle fork.  With the guys putting in a few miles upriver I rallied Evan's man machine Subaru down river to the scouting point for an epic mossy forested gorge of middle-earth proportions, right below an aged and decaying dam fully equipped with rebar snags and concrete chunks.  Dropping the dam wasn't in the mix this afternoon, especially after Ryan's dealings with an unfortunate boat nose bonk on a rock during the trip down, putting a puncture wound and crack in his kayak that you could fit your finger into.  

I decided a single lane bridge overlooking the gorge from about 100 feet would suffice for capturing the guys running headlong into the gorge and out of sight that fine Friday June 10, 2011. 

If I could shoot every single day watching these guys slay rivers that I'd be afraid to even throw a fishing line on, I'd consider it a pretty good summer.

 The boys are now also looking forward to running the newly formed Freihofer Falls.  Fathered by Sir Sam Freihofer himself with the help of Mother Nooksack River, in epic effort to expel remnants of the previous nights bender.

NOTE: If you don't like projectile vomit pictures, scroll down quickly. Also, no animals or insects were harmed in the making of this blog post.


The boys looked forward to running the newly formed Freihofer Falls

Gnar Cars in action.

Ryan Lucas attaining ninja status and feeling the Chi.

Freihofer testing the theory, "Nothing some Gorilla Grip can't fix."Ninja's gotta focus.

Ryan not stoked after breaking his boat.

Fred surveying his pre-run repair job.