The town I grew up in.. / by Rhys Logan

Seeing a place with new eyes is something I believe everyone strives for.  Every day we revisit the spaces in our lives, whether concious or not, because we want to.  The space in my life lately, has been the home I grew up in, the town I spent my childhood in, and the place I have been familiar with since I was 8 years old.  It is very different now, only in the sense that I see it differently.  As with many childhood memories, things are not as big as they once seemed, distances are not so far as they once felt, but every bit or marvel still lies within them, if only because I remember them being so.  When you are young you see everything for how spectacular it is; you take what you have and make it great.  Not because you aren't satisfied with the way it is, but just because you can make that way.

Here's to never growing up.


All of these pictures were taken within a quarter-mile of eachother, which coincidentally are also all about a quarter-mile from my house.