Back in the saddle again... / by Rhys Logan

La Nina has returned in case you hadn't noticed, and chances are, if you live anywhere in the PNW you have.  With the joy of frozen car doors, icy roads, and west side drivers also come the joys of pow shots, pillows, and general shreddage as well.  Working out the rust on my board legs, as well as my trigger finger, I got to have a killer pow day at Baker with friend and shred professor Chris Bowlin of Northwest Riders and some of his crew; Ian, Ezra and Pat. It didn't take long for hoots to be hollered and rag dolls to be impersonated, in trying to catch up on a months worth of lost turns.  Me and Chris snuck around for some artsy fartsy photo bonding, and then ditched the gear to enjoy the rest of the day with a killer crew.

Here's to La Nina, the one we're sure glad didn't get away..

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