First Ever Tri City Throwdown / by Rhys Logan

If you haven't ever been to Kennewick, you were much like me until yesterday. Getting up at about 6am Saturday morning after an epic halloween party bender wasn't exactly the ideal beginning to a weekend, but it was for snowboarding.  Picking up Max and James in Everett and bombing over to Kennewick in the rain for the first ever TC Throwdown was a bit of a season starter mini project that would end up to be a ton of fun watching riders slay it in the rain and shooting with some new gear. 

And with our very own Soul Ryders rider Megan Middleton winning the ladies pro division and Lou Macias coming up all the way from Tahoe and James ripping in the am division, Soul Ryders had a pretty good turnout.  Add a ton of cool people putting together a fun contest that can only get better and even an ollie contest, and the TC Throwdown is one comp i hope stays around

Check out the whole gallery HERE!


megan middleton throwin it down and taking the winnings for the ladies pro division

silly skiers