Arusha / by Rhys Logan


We got to go on a mini adventure today, riding with YWAM staff member Jeff in the YWAM van, taking kids back to their homes on Mt Meru. Every Saturday he drives and picks them up to bring them to the YWAM base in Arusha for games, fellowship with other kids, and lunch, then its back up the mountain to take them home.  Safety is a whole new concept here, and I am learning everyday to trust in the Lord more and more.....Flying up and down a single lane dirt road with craters and creek beds in it from the last rain floods, filled with motorcyclists and people is one thing. Doing it with 9 kids in the back seat bouncing off the walls is another.  I've never had more fun on a car ride though, as the kids jokingly prayed very loud and animatedly for our packed van to make it up a couple very questionable and very steep hills.  I may have even joined them in doing so.  Going through Arusha was fascinating as well.  So many people, so many new things.  I like seeing new cities, especially when they are as busy and foreign as Arusha is to me.  We finished off the trip with a coke treat courtesy of Jeff, and Fanta Passion is my new favorite pop.

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