Faces4Hope / by Rhys Logan

The month has absolutely flown by and learning a whole new culture and language and seeing some of the world has been a complete blast.  It has been great to be here and see so many new things, but approaching a month here, I am really looking forward to really focusing even more and working more effectively in covering the truly amazing and truly compelling stories and people here. I need your help. We need your help.  Faces4Hope is on the verge of something big, and I really do hope that if you are reading this, you will at least find out more about it.

thank you so much for looking,


This is a local watering hole near the Maasai bomas. Completely dry and cracked, most Maasai have to rely on these holes, and the putrid water that becomes contaominated extremely quickly, which only comes from rainwater. Otherwise, it is not uncommon for Maasai women to travel 20 kilometers to get water for their families. Maasai men walk even farther to find water for their cattle and goats.

This little guy got a huge kick out of me laughing at him, pretending to be me using my camera.