Final days / by Rhys Logan

With the final days in Tanzania rapidly approaching last week, we were absolutely swamped finishing projects, working out last minute details and trying to say our goodbyes.  Sitting here now in Bellingham is an absolute trip, and explaining the last two months will be as much of a process as it was when I arrived in Africa, adjusting to a way of life that is so unfamiliar.  Seeing my time there in hindsight, I am still only beginning to see the reality of it, and plan on writing quite a bit in my next few posts.  Working with Faces4Hope and the Maasai people, their leaders, and the people of YWAM, has been a total privelege, and a deep and true blessing. One I hope to return, in telling about a place and a people, that many in the world don't know about.  If you see me, please ask, if you ask me, please listen.  Check out Faces4Hope on the verge of some huge changes, check out YWAM in Arusha, check out Amanda Halle's blog, and most of all check out the rest of the world, there is alot of stuff going on in it.

thank you so much for reading, for looking, for supporting me, and for your time,

This truly is, merely the beginning.