The Best Wedding Album of My Career / by Rhys Logan

I cannot believe it has been almost 6 years worth of weddings for me, and I could never say thank you enough to everyone whom I have had the joy and honor of working with.  I am very thankful to be included in such a huge day of some of my favorite people's lives, and this album to me, reflects some of the reasons I enjoy what I do so so much. truly and sincerely thank you to everyone so far, and it really is only the beginning.

It is a total blessing to be in a work environment that is never too serious, always joyful and a very personal and special challenge.  I hardly do 'end of the year' collections, but i have been working on this one for awhile, to relive and enjoy the lighter side of my work that I really try to not take for granted. 

anyways, as always, thanks for looking.