And Then, There Was One..... / by Rhys Logan

Having two sisters growing up taught me alot to say the least.  But having them both add brothers to my life has made me even more thankful for having them in my life.  The only disappointment I could ever express over my sisters husbands, is the injustice that occurred in trying to playfully intimidate them when meeting them.... both of them dwarfing me and being like 6'5 or taller... 

Not fair. Especially when trying to play older brother, and only brother.  

I couldn't even imagine better men for the three best women in my life (my mother included) though, and taking part in both my sister's weddings has rooted our relationships in a deep place in my heart that I always knew I could never lose, but one I didn't know the depth of.

Kate-Lynne and Noah's wedding happened this October and what a gathering of years of friends and family, all rooting for both of them, and the beginning of another journey in their relationship.  

Held near our hometown, the historic, very rustic and timelessly classic Farmer's Hall, never looked better with my mother's amazing eye for decoration design and a beautiful crisp fall day on the plateau.  I had not seen many in my family for far too long, and catching up with so many familiar faces from home always replenishes my deep love of the place I come from.

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