Return of the Jedi / by Rhys Logan

Oh hi blog, its been awhile.  

So I may be a month late, but this 'new year' stuff is still lingering on my mind and while I have the chance, I'm taking it.  If only for my own sanity sake of making sure it all was real... 

Life is ever changing it seems and this past year has brought me some of the most amazing experiences of my life so far.  

Even having the few minutes to consciously think about really updating my work and being able to sit and reflect on the past 365..or 89... days and what I have seen and done feels like a rather daunting task.  What do I highlight, how do I explain it, how do I make sense of so many things I've seen and continue to struggle understanding even today.  The only reasoning I come back to, when sitting on a mountain of unpublished work is that something is better than nothing.  

This last year has taken me to peaks in the Himalayas, to the Taj Mahal, to more snow days and more days on the mountain then I even knew were possible to have.  It took me to adventures with friends in Hawaii, a spring spent in Bellingham and a summer in Wenatchee.  Another wedding season that left me inspired and amazed with the kind of people I am blessed enough to have in my life, and time spent with family visiting from Ireland.  I saw the east coast for the first time and got blisters on my hands from fly fishing so much.  

I witnessed some of the most passionate athletes excel in their physical mediums, spent nights under the moonlit Sierra Nevadas and drove 30 hours to make it home for Christmas.  This new year's eve and my birthday resonated as one of the best being spent driving the entire length of the Baja Peninsula and more generally, West coast on a surf trip from Seattle to Cabo San Lucas.  

It has been a wild, wild ride.  One which I know will continue and I hope won't slow down.  One I hope I can share with everyone in a way that inspires others to jump in on their own wild rides.  If you are reading this, thank you! If you have been along side me on some of these adventures, thank you, and to those who have supported me and shared their thoughts, love and time, I cannot thank you enough.

Heres to 2014 and another year not knowing what will happen,

Thank you for looking