A break for some break / by Rhys Logan

Waking up slowly to the sounds of jungle didn't seem real having spent the last four months waist deep in snow. Slipping back into a reality that hardly seems like one, as tropical birds are a reminder of the coming sun. And as it does come, the valley of Manoa and glowing skyline of Honolulu, slowly coming to life with billowing purple, blue and pink thunderheads from the previous nights monsoon-esque rioting, it is mirage-like and beautiful, like a relaxing dream, or those corona commercials with the people just silently watching. And with an actual corona in your hand at 6:30 am its fun to think that the script is also in your hands for what happens after the channel changes.  'I'm in Hawwaii' didn't even make it real, because I had found myself saying the same things over the course of the winter to convince myself just as much of their reality.  I'm in Tahoe.. I'm in an avalanche.. I'm in Utah... I'm in India.... I'm in Kashmir... I'm in the Himalayas.. I'm in a helicopter.. I'm home.        

After a dream snow season, sitting on an island felt like enough of a breath to just barely scratch the surface of digesting the memories and experiences shared with friends, strangers and in places wild and new, familiar and old. Even sitting in one place alone, minutes turn to hours as I recall all the laughs and moments of stoke and excitement, watching the movie in my mind that plays the best parts, in a highlight reel of life. All the seconds that have turned into some of the most defining moments in my life, and have become factors for future decisions I will make to ensure that they are never forgotten, I am always thankful for them, and will care for them until I can tell someone else about them so they can search for their own.  The names and faces and feelings and dwellings of these things that make up my life experience are my most cherished parts of me, and I hope to share then very soon and lot more often.  

Some of the recent ones happened last week on a small island in the Pacific Ocean called O'ahu.  Showing up as tag along, a travel parasite of friends going to see other friends, I unashamedly included myself on a cheap ticket trip to sleep on the floor of some new found friends house and decompress and get my body temperature back to its normal five degrees below average... 

Six days of sand, sun, sea turtles and sunburn. Waterfalls and fish chasing and corona sunrises.  Life is good and seems better knowing you don't need hawaii, or adventure or anything crazy, to know you love your friends and to appreciate people who appreciate you.

thanks for reading and please tune in more as I blog like a boss the next couple weeks. 


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