Learning Team / by Rhys Logan

If you haven't heard of Learning Team then you should come out from under your rock and check out their tunes. Friend, local shred, and skimboarder extroardinaire Emile Panerio fronts the group along with some severely handsome gentlemen and their shows are a hoot.  They've been up to some really cool stuff and you can check them out on good ole Facebook

Anyways, nothing like a private practice house show, and I think from now on I'll request every band I shoot to let me do this. Had a great time getting the inside scoop on their newest tunes as they were made, that's right hipsters, I'm cooler than you. I head their songs, before they were even finished. They also cracked me up the entire time, and had a cool space in their house for some photos. 

Enjoy and thanks for looking!