Warbirds of WWII / by Rhys Logan

Got the amazing chance to shoot some WWII era warplanes last week for the Bellingham Herald, and what a cool story behind an assignment.  Jeff Geer of Bravo 369 Flight Foundation along with Mark Kandianis and Alan Anders, plan to recreate a historical flight path for the AT-6 used during the second world war effort and film it as a documentary.  The route goes from Great Falls, Montana to eastern Russia and is actually the first training mission for another expedition to go even further into Russia.  Check out more of the story here. 

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Jeff Geer stands in front of the WWII era AT-6. 

Mark Kandianis stands for a portrait in front of an AT-6, which the Navy designated as the SNJ. Mark will be flying a support cessna during the flight path recreation.

Alan Anders