Abbie and Erich, Adding Another Chapter / by Rhys Logan

I'm a firm believer that stories make us what we are.  I was privileged enough recently, to have the story of a couple shared with me in Abbie and Erich. Together for many years, Abbie and Erich's journey has taken them through college, across the country and through many of life's twists and turns, leading them back to a place they've both had a special place in their hearts for all along; the Northwest.  A small, pure, quiet and deeply felt ceremony among their friends and family in the woods was their choice to speak their vows to eachother, and standing in the pouring rain, I was very moved to see the emotion and love and joy every single one of their guests held for them as they were thoroughly soaked, not minding at all that a summer storm had moved through the leavenworth valley and up to the beautiful and secluded Mountain Home Lodge.  As the day went on the weather cleared and the freshest clearest summer evening fell, timed perfectly to capture some images of beautiful couple of people, in one of the most beautiful locations in Washington.    

Thank you Abbie and Erich! and here's to keeping as many friends, for as long as you can.  

and thanks for looking,