Josie and Ben in the Homeland / by Rhys Logan

I was joking with Josie and Ben that it was a life goal of mine to shoot a wedding at the Douglas Church in Douglas, Washington, very near my hometown of Waterville.  They were kind enough to oblige!   A beautiful spot with the perfect countryside for Josie and Ben's country wedding, the day went off without a hitch.

I am always thankful of time spent back in Waterville, being reminded of where I am from and seeing faces I grew up around.  Waterville is a small tight knit place and one that I am increasingly realizing is very unique and special, if only to me and the people who are also lucky enough to call it home.  

Thank you Josie and Ben for being the most chilled out couple ever! And for you and your families supporting me through so much of my life.   

and thanks for looking,