Katie and TJ break the news! / by Rhys Logan

Katie and TJ's wedding was one of the wildest weekends I had this summer, also one of the most fun but intimidating weddings I've ever done.  Both in the journalism field, Katie and TJ and their friends and colleagues are a variable whose who of epically talented photographers, writers and creatives residing in the northwest.

A multitude of well known artists and successful media creators whose work I have followed, been inspired by, been taught about in college and tried replicate.  Needless to say, to be 'the photographer' among such a crew was scary but for reasons of my own self doubt and insecurity. 

I couldn't have asked for a better party crew.   

Surrounded by so many people in a similar field I was entertained and laughing the whole time at the sheer joy all who attended felt to be a part of such a great day and experience in Katie and Tj's wedding. It was hard to look around and not see multiple cameras hanging from multiple guests but not a single person was not wholeheartedly considerate and/or there to simply capture something as a memory, a fun moment, or image of someone they loved.  I was very moved at this idea, and seeing it unfold.  So much of media based work, images especially, becomes a task, a list, an objective to show others who what why and when, visual information, removing oneself to reduce bias and cover unfolding events, maybe without really experiencing them.  I have come to learn, and seen through some of the work that most inspires me, that truly living in and among your images, produces the best images.  

Schools of thought and influential ethics aside, I've never sweat so much at a wedding. Running around Swan's Trail Farms and finding odds and ends in an amazing old delivery truck, rustic hay loft, cattails and even a small ship was a blast and Katie and TJ were champs, especially TJ who was probably sweating more than I was, in his three piece.    

Thanks Katie and TJ and every friend and inspiration there, for truly placing perspective in my life, in how lucky I am to point my camera in your directions.  

and thanks for looking