Bart and Elena's Seaside Ceremony / by Rhys Logan

It's not every day you can go to work barefoot.  It's also not everyday, you are lucky enough to encounter two amazing people such as Bart and Elena.  Pro snowboarder organic cook and goof extroardinaire,  meets yoga instructor meditation leader and beautiful ocean princess doesn't even begin to sum them up, but its a start.  Bart and Elena's wedding was a full experience for their friends and family. A morning of yoga at the homey ocean side cabins that Elena's family has been returning to since childhood were the staging point for their Ruby Beach wedding. Complete with a sandy beach walk to the ceremony, driftwood benches, a driftwood altar adorned with prayer flags and personalized weaving rock garden.  The sunniest day on the Olympic Peninsula or Washington coast I have ever seen in my life didn't hurt either.  I have shredded with Bart and Elena both countless times, and their passion for life and for each other is inspiring to me every moment I am able to spend time with them.  

The fact that the second half of their wedding weekend was dedicated to camping on the beach at La Push and surfing with their friends is very indicative of the free spirited love they have for getting out and going.  

But only after one of the most raucous wedding receptions I have witnessed with such an elite crew.  The very beautiful and formerly quiet Lake Quinalt Lodge didn't even know what hit it.  Literally at one point the entire staff stopped and watched through the glass french doors at the dance battle that was rattling the silverware, and maybe even the foundations.  

thanks Bart and Elena for your friendship and heres to many more days with loved ones at the beach. 

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