The Coast Continued / by Rhys Logan

So the second half of Bart and Elena's wedding experience extravaganza consisted of everyone in attendance and then some, meeting up north at La Push and surfing their freezing little hearts out.  With the water at a balmy 46-47 degrees, it was brisk to say the least, but nothing a healthy driftwood bonfire and beer blanket couldn't take care of in no time.    

Watching the waves crash in and the sky open up to reveal one of the most beautiful rock crested and greenery covered rugged coastal features I have ever seen, I realized how lucky we really are and how good we have it in the Northwest.  Not only to be surrounded by landscapes and spaces that inspire and instill wonder, but also to be surrounded by some of the most caring and community minded people that exist in the world I believe.  In strolling the beach, new friends were made, shred stories were shared and invitations for brews and campfires were extended.  

This place is rare and preserving it is done so through an effort of decency and friendliness, openness and a willingness to share the easiest and most personal of possessions; yourself.    

thanks for looking! and shred on

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bart gettin walled

mon bein mon

bart grippin and rippin

kevin makin a run for it

shasta goin for beach chic with new lib tech waterboard

local rippers tearin it up!

matt cruisin it out on the long board