Amy and Brayton Sittin on the Beach.. / by Rhys Logan

What a summer it has been, and trying to keep up this year has been a challenge. Every single moment I get to spend with so many amazing and genuine people has had me in a constant state of wonder as to how I got so lucky and why the blessings keep on rolling in.

Amy and Brayton's wedding was one of these moments. Held at the beautiful sound-sided and very secluded and classy Edgewater House , a sunny, sandy afternoon played out beautifully. Surrounded by family and friends and despite both of their cool and collected demeanors Amy and Brayton instigated a riotous time at the reception kicking off one of the best dance parties I've ever been to! 

Here's to raging with your friends,  

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this is what happens when your groomsmen are a bunch of pro soccer players