Devin and Meghan / by Rhys Logan

It seems nature has its own way of balancing things out, exactly the way it seems fit.  With the winter only just now feeling truly in full swing, this fall I will remember as one of the nicest and most beautiful I've ever had in the Northwest.  It will be even more solidified as one of my favorite, having been given the opportunity to goof around with good friends Devin and Meghan for their engagement shoot.  Both lovers of adventure and the outdoors, getting to explore Chuckanut Drive and the amazing colors, as well as dodge traffic zooming by, was the perfect afternoon.  A dreamy fog fell and rose around us with just the right timing as well; with an ocean of mist swallowing the sunset, right as we raced up the ridge, jumped out of the car and got a few shots in the fading light.  

Thanks Devin and Meghan for many days on the mountain to come,

and thanks for looking,