J. Tillman of Father John Misty / by Rhys Logan

Last year I had the privilege of seeing Father John Misty live at the Neptune Theater in Seattle. 

What a freaky show. (You can see those images here)   Having just discovered them only months before that show I was still in auditory honey-moon stages of hearing their psychedelic rock infused almost bluesy rhythms and despite my complete lack of musical taste or education, I was hooked on them. I know I like good music but the velvety voice of  J. Tillman and his presentation of reflective and percipient lyrics mixed with his off the cuff crowd interactions were what had me sold.  That's right I just used the word 'percipient,' look it up, I had to.

Anyways J. Tillman's solo show at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham happened last night, I've never seen so many people from Seattle come to Bellingham for one single reason.   But after seeing and hearing the show I know why they did.  

Thanks for looking at these photos all from exactly the same dumb angle; A testament to how packed out the place was for a sold out show.

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