Last Stand Rodeo / by Rhys Logan

Small town characters, action, drama, danger, Americana and community.  Not the adjectives alot of people may use to describe rural rodeos, but they remain some of my absolute favorite subject matter to be shooting, and one that I feel personally reminds of me a way of life that was much more common in another era that has all but been forgotten.  The cowboys n' girls of small rural rodeos are the truest of stereotyped country living; traveling from rodeo to rodeo, show to show, arena to arena, in no name towns no one has ever heard of, seen by few, yet celebrated intensely by those same few.  People dedicate their time, money, energy and lives doing varieties of things that fascinate me continually, and rodeos are one of those that seems most glaring.  I remember as a kid seeing the rough and tumble people who raced horses, rode broncs, roped calves, wrestled steers and survived bull rides and thought they were the most "American," of things I had seen or experienced. Some were even childhood friends.  That personal interpretation holds true to me still as I watch the events at these small rodeos unfold and see them with two sets of eyes; the kid who grew up in a tiny farm town and knew no different, and someone watching trying to capture a human experience unique like no other.  

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