vancouver aquarium / by Rhys Logan

I try to never pass up the chance to visit the Vancouver Aquarium, and doing so always invigorates my curiosity of the world and its creatures.  It is a common and still very interesting sentiment among humans, to build entirely planned ecosystems, reserved purely for the action of researching, rescuing, viewing and/or educating ourselves (we hope) about the organisms we more often dominate but still must learn to interact with.  I know that encountering these places can be both distressing as well as amazing; seeing animals in captivity, but representing stepping stones to understanding and appreciating worlds and environments many of us otherwise could never experience.  This experience is so powerful to us, and moving.  It can be controversial along with beautiful, like so much of the world.  I would hope that in the certainty of the awe and wonder inspired by nature, we would also examine our own behavior and how it affects it. 

But mostly underwater animals are really cool to look at.

thanks for looking at my pictures of me looking at them