engagement shoot

Kurt and Augusta Engagement by Rhys Logan

Takin it way back! Kurt and Augusta's engagement at Deception Pass was a photo adventure with a couple of kooks I know well and love.  We ventured along the beach and were rewarded at the end with a perfect fiery sunset. Thanks Kurt and Augusta for being awesome! 

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Irene and Garrett by Rhys Logan

Shooting in the Northwest always offers its own set of challenges.  I truly know and believe, that this really has only fostered a special type of attitude for people who hail from the good ole PNW, or have come to love it.  

That attitude is one of, 'if you're not going to buck up and do it in the rain, you won't end up doing much here ever.'  Nothing ever rang truer for Irene and Garret's engagement shoot at Discovery Park in Seattle this spring.  Absolutely soaked to the bone, we adventured our way through the most beautiful greenery, soggiest  forest floor the windiest northwest beach and finally all the way to the awesome urban scapes of Ballard.  I couldn't be luckier to work with two people filled with more joy and energy than these two and can not wait to be part of their very special day coming up in August.  

Here's to life and the rain, and here's to life in the rain, it only gives you the chance to show your true self. 

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Devin and Meghan by Rhys Logan

It seems nature has its own way of balancing things out, exactly the way it seems fit.  With the winter only just now feeling truly in full swing, this fall I will remember as one of the nicest and most beautiful I've ever had in the Northwest.  It will be even more solidified as one of my favorite, having been given the opportunity to goof around with good friends Devin and Meghan for their engagement shoot.  Both lovers of adventure and the outdoors, getting to explore Chuckanut Drive and the amazing colors, as well as dodge traffic zooming by, was the perfect afternoon.  A dreamy fog fell and rose around us with just the right timing as well; with an ocean of mist swallowing the sunset, right as we raced up the ridge, jumped out of the car and got a few shots in the fading light.  

Thanks Devin and Meghan for many days on the mountain to come,

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And Then There Was One... by Rhys Logan

Being the only one in my family to carry on the family name never got so real. My older sister now engaged, the fire was lit and now turned up directly underneath.  That being said. I'll be accepting applications for a wife soon, make the right decision and apply now!

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Josie and Ben by Rhys Logan

It seemed only fitting for a freezing afternoon to come up to shoot with Josie and Ben, since they will be living in Alaska! I had a great time subjecting them to the ice cold snow of a wintery Wenatchee afternoon, topped off with an amazing sunset and beautiful view. Super excited to work with them in July!

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