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Irene and Garrett's Wedding by Rhys Logan

Catching up on tons of wedding posts from the last couple seasons has really been a trip. Reliving so many great experiences with so many great people from right near home in the northwest, all the way out to the east coast, it has reminded me how lucky I am to call this my work and how every wedding story and experience, are unique.   Irene and Garret's was no exception.  One of the most relaxed wedding day's I've had, Irene and Garrett were amazing to work with, and things flowed impressively seamless. Getting to gasworks, navigating Seattle streets, finding some really nice warm August sun and ultimately finishing things up at 415 Westlake, this Seattle wedding was one rewarded with good summer vibes and a killer sunset in the city.

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Abe and Meg by Rhys Logan

Abe and Meg's wedding was, to say the very least, a whirlwind. 

Arriving in Philly a few days prior I caught glimpses of a world unfamiliar me to; sights and sounds of the east coast.  Having seen more of the world than my own country, I had a blast exploring the home town of some of my best friends. We saw castles, forests, oddities, the graves of revolutionary spies, New Jersey and even where George Washington crossed the Delaware.  When you spend time with the people that matter most to you, often you're allowed the privilege of meeting their families. When that becomes a significant amount of time as well, the difference starts to fade, and pretty soon it all feels like family. 

Abe and Meg have so many friends, and big families. The most beautiful place for all of us, is when we can start to blur the line between the two. 

Weddings are the great chances we get to bring all of the ones we love together and leave as family. 

And at the end of it, at the very least, two people have started their own.

So here's to finding your family, and here's to summer

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Vendors for the Day

Caterer: Jimmy Duffy’s Catering

Rehearsal & Day of Coordinator: Aimee Farrell/BMH

Officiant: Ryan McLaughlin/BMH

Photographer: Rhys Logan

DJ: DJ Perry Angelozzi

Florist: Chantilly Floral


matt and molly by Rhys Logan

Kelsey and Tanner by Rhys Logan

Arlo and Ellie by Rhys Logan

An unavoidable physical process, a fact of life and a mindset requiring disciplined, if not forced chaos, growing up is never easy to do.  The signs of doing so however, still make for some of the best times and changes we can make in life.   One of those changes last summer happened for my very good friend and his wife, Arlo and Ellie.  A couple of truer conservationist forest elf lumberjacks you'd be hard pressed to find, and you'd have an even harder time finding their secret cabin, deep in the mountains of Idaho, where they had an amazing ceremony.  Complete with dogs, mining for opals, night volleyball, firepits, mountain sunset views and most of all family and friends, it was a hootenanny I will never forget and brought me back to 9 years old, spending summers in Waterville being part of a group of inseparable pals.

Thanks Arlo and Ellie for one of the best nights of my whole summer and thanks for looking,