Nautical nerds by Rhys Logan

Never have I had so much fun not having a clue what I was doing. 

I suppose that isn't much different than normal, but with a new living situation, new awesome people and some new experiences, to say that the last couple months have been a blur would be an understatement, but a blur that has solidified my firm belief that Bellingham harbors some of the most amazing spaces I have ever encountered, along with some of the best people you could hope to meet. 

And when those people happen to be generous enough to invite you to quite literally learn the ropes and major basics of operating a 40 foot sailboat, you consider yourself lucky!

Here's to the summer and gettin after it every day, and here's to being the best rail meat on the town. 

thanks for looking,



Kelsey and Tanner by Rhys Logan

Devin and Meghan by Rhys Logan

It seems nature has its own way of balancing things out, exactly the way it seems fit.  With the winter only just now feeling truly in full swing, this fall I will remember as one of the nicest and most beautiful I've ever had in the Northwest.  It will be even more solidified as one of my favorite, having been given the opportunity to goof around with good friends Devin and Meghan for their engagement shoot.  Both lovers of adventure and the outdoors, getting to explore Chuckanut Drive and the amazing colors, as well as dodge traffic zooming by, was the perfect afternoon.  A dreamy fog fell and rose around us with just the right timing as well; with an ocean of mist swallowing the sunset, right as we raced up the ridge, jumped out of the car and got a few shots in the fading light.  

Thanks Devin and Meghan for many days on the mountain to come,

and thanks for looking,


Warbirds of WWII by Rhys Logan

Got the amazing chance to shoot some WWII era warplanes last week for the Bellingham Herald, and what a cool story behind an assignment.  Jeff Geer of Bravo 369 Flight Foundation along with Mark Kandianis and Alan Anders, plan to recreate a historical flight path for the AT-6 used during the second world war effort and film it as a documentary.  The route goes from Great Falls, Montana to eastern Russia and is actually the first training mission for another expedition to go even further into Russia.  Check out more of the story here. 

and thanks for looking


Jeff Geer stands in front of the WWII era AT-6. 

Mark Kandianis stands for a portrait in front of an AT-6, which the Navy designated as the SNJ. Mark will be flying a support cessna during the flight path recreation.

Alan Anders

Learning Team by Rhys Logan

If you haven't heard of Learning Team then you should come out from under your rock and check out their tunes. Friend, local shred, and skimboarder extroardinaire Emile Panerio fronts the group along with some severely handsome gentlemen and their shows are a hoot.  They've been up to some really cool stuff and you can check them out on good ole Facebook

Anyways, nothing like a private practice house show, and I think from now on I'll request every band I shoot to let me do this. Had a great time getting the inside scoop on their newest tunes as they were made, that's right hipsters, I'm cooler than you. I head their songs, before they were even finished. They also cracked me up the entire time, and had a cool space in their house for some photos. 

Enjoy and thanks for looking!