bellingham bay

Nautical nerds by Rhys Logan

Never have I had so much fun not having a clue what I was doing. 

I suppose that isn't much different than normal, but with a new living situation, new awesome people and some new experiences, to say that the last couple months have been a blur would be an understatement, but a blur that has solidified my firm belief that Bellingham harbors some of the most amazing spaces I have ever encountered, along with some of the best people you could hope to meet. 

And when those people happen to be generous enough to invite you to quite literally learn the ropes and major basics of operating a 40 foot sailboat, you consider yourself lucky!

Here's to the summer and gettin after it every day, and here's to being the best rail meat on the town. 

thanks for looking,



Bellingham Crabbing by Rhys Logan

Friend and crabber extroardinaire Phil Cibicki recently took me on a mini excursion for the small tasty eight sea-going clawed friends we know as red rock crabs.  A nice frigid afternoon shaped up nicely into a deathly chilling evening, as we dropped our single pot, and went to Woods Coffee to catch a killer sunset and a cup of something warm.  While we didn't get any keepers, it was far from a wasted adventure!

Not a bad afternoon,



That time of year again by Rhys Logan

I find myself often wondering how I am continually amazed by the beauty of our state.  Washington truly must be the greatest place to live.

nuff said.

Almost zero editing on these shots, no tweaks or shifts in color, sharpened up and thats about it.