country wedding

matt and molly by Rhys Logan

Arlo and Ellie by Rhys Logan

An unavoidable physical process, a fact of life and a mindset requiring disciplined, if not forced chaos, growing up is never easy to do.  The signs of doing so however, still make for some of the best times and changes we can make in life.   One of those changes last summer happened for my very good friend and his wife, Arlo and Ellie.  A couple of truer conservationist forest elf lumberjacks you'd be hard pressed to find, and you'd have an even harder time finding their secret cabin, deep in the mountains of Idaho, where they had an amazing ceremony.  Complete with dogs, mining for opals, night volleyball, firepits, mountain sunset views and most of all family and friends, it was a hootenanny I will never forget and brought me back to 9 years old, spending summers in Waterville being part of a group of inseparable pals.

Thanks Arlo and Ellie for one of the best nights of my whole summer and thanks for looking,





And Then, There Was One..... by Rhys Logan

Having two sisters growing up taught me alot to say the least.  But having them both add brothers to my life has made me even more thankful for having them in my life.  The only disappointment I could ever express over my sisters husbands, is the injustice that occurred in trying to playfully intimidate them when meeting them.... both of them dwarfing me and being like 6'5 or taller... 

Not fair. Especially when trying to play older brother, and only brother.  

I couldn't even imagine better men for the three best women in my life (my mother included) though, and taking part in both my sister's weddings has rooted our relationships in a deep place in my heart that I always knew I could never lose, but one I didn't know the depth of.

Kate-Lynne and Noah's wedding happened this October and what a gathering of years of friends and family, all rooting for both of them, and the beginning of another journey in their relationship.  

Held near our hometown, the historic, very rustic and timelessly classic Farmer's Hall, never looked better with my mother's amazing eye for decoration design and a beautiful crisp fall day on the plateau.  I had not seen many in my family for far too long, and catching up with so many familiar faces from home always replenishes my deep love of the place I come from.

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Rachel and Travis by Rhys Logan

It often takes returning somewhere, to refresh the memories of how important it is to us.  Seeing familiar places with completely new eyes is something I cherish deeply about shooting, and that place for me lately has been my hometown.  People have grown and changed and moved on in their own ways, but very deep down much is the same about the town of Waterville that I grew up in.  It was a deeply moving experience for me to shoot Rachel and Travis's wedding this late summer, and one that has made me come to appreciate being from rural America more and more everyday.

 I could not travel more than a few feet without seeing familiar faces asking about my life, experiences, travels, family, and other friends.  Faces of those I went through grade school with, played on high school sports teams with, faces of teachers and coaches and just the familiar characters that make up the fabric of a very close knit community.  

Held at the house she was raised in, Rachel and Travis's wedding was a huge reunion of all sorts, and its beautiful, historic and personal setting, really made many of these images extremely memorable for me.  Their ceremony was held in a nearly 100 year old church. 

Topped off with a roof raising performance for the reception music by none other than Rachel's sister Rebecca along with her father and members of the Foghorn Stringband, a ridiculously lively, dust kicking country dance went down til the wee hours. 

Thanks Rachel and Travis for such an amazing time and truly blessing me! 

and as always thanks for looking, 


Josie and Ben in the Homeland by Rhys Logan

I was joking with Josie and Ben that it was a life goal of mine to shoot a wedding at the Douglas Church in Douglas, Washington, very near my hometown of Waterville.  They were kind enough to oblige!   A beautiful spot with the perfect countryside for Josie and Ben's country wedding, the day went off without a hitch.

I am always thankful of time spent back in Waterville, being reminded of where I am from and seeing faces I grew up around.  Waterville is a small tight knit place and one that I am increasingly realizing is very unique and special, if only to me and the people who are also lucky enough to call it home.  

Thank you Josie and Ben for being the most chilled out couple ever! And for you and your families supporting me through so much of my life.   

and thanks for looking,