kate lynne logan

Mini Music Video Project by Rhys Logan

My sister Kate Lynne is a musician, check her stuff out for sure

Kate Logan & Peter Bradley Adams by Rhys Logan


Live from the Columbia City Theater.. by Rhys Logan

Got to head down to the Columbia City Theater this last weekend and watch my sister Kate-Lynne Logan and some of her very talented friends Jeremy Elliot of Polecat, Beth Whitney and Jenna Ellefson play a great show.

Check out the killer video work by Charley Voorhis too!

Here's to Seattle being the best music city!

thanks for looking, check out the whole gallery HERE


Chrysalis EP, Kate Lynne Logan by Rhys Logan

Portrait session with talented musical artist Kate Lynne Logan, who also happens to be my sister.  Get ready for the release of her killer new EP Chrysalis August 1!

Check out some of her other stuff on iTunes!