mark macias

Happy New Year by Rhys Logan

New Years Shenanigans were aplenty this year, this is a small recap, which I will write more about later!

As of Late... by Rhys Logan

Things have been crazy for me lately for sure and in all the best ways possible! A trip to tahoe, weeks at Baker, days at Stevens, shooting every second of all of it and living on mountain.  Updates for days will be comin your way, so thanks for looking! 

For starters here are some shorts I been shooting with Soul Ryders, check us out on facebook and the interwebs!

La Nina Returns by Rhys Logan

Three days straight hiking, riding, ripping, slashing, dropping, filming, laughing, wooping, shredding and destroying.

Opening weekend at Baker.  And a grand one at that.

Riders Megan Middleton, Mark Macias and the original Sk8rat Jordan Wood