Summer 2017 by Rhys Logan

While the winters seem to last longer, I've been keeping an ever watchful eye on the sunsets recently as the days now grow longer in turn.  With spring only just waking, its hard not to look back and remember the bar for summer was set pretty high for me last year, surrounded by the place we call home and the people that make it that way.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun but at the very least its seemed to help with my sanity after many long dark hours this season, waiting for the sun to come back, and that magical 90 days when you've only got to make it count.

 I hope you were there.

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Dally Chronicles by Rhys Logan

Who Needs People? by Rhys Logan

One of my favorite things about our great state is the beauty of the in between.  Commuting in Washington has to be one of my favorite pastimes now, which is a good thing since I find myself behind the wheel of my little truck, Fran, quite often.  I learned how to drive in that truck, seven years ago.  In a little over 7 years I've driven 140,000 miles.  Maybe I should switch to biodiesel.  

Anyways these are some of things I've seen along the way as of late. 

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