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Learning Team by Rhys Logan

If you haven't heard of Learning Team then you should come out from under your rock and check out their tunes. Friend, local shred, and skimboarder extroardinaire Emile Panerio fronts the group along with some severely handsome gentlemen and their shows are a hoot.  They've been up to some really cool stuff and you can check them out on good ole Facebook

Anyways, nothing like a private practice house show, and I think from now on I'll request every band I shoot to let me do this. Had a great time getting the inside scoop on their newest tunes as they were made, that's right hipsters, I'm cooler than you. I head their songs, before they were even finished. They also cracked me up the entire time, and had a cool space in their house for some photos. 

Enjoy and thanks for looking!


Bumbershoot 2012 by Rhys Logan

Chances are, if you're into music, you know about the Northwest.  Knowing about music in the Northwest, will eventually lead you to the magical mystical festival known as Bumbershoot;  the place where musicians from every part of the only planet we know to support life gather for three days and nights of ridiculous tunes, dance parties that will change your life, and performances that will live on to become legend, told and retold to those who were unfortunate enough to miss them.  

The tough and talented Kristina Valencia of, has wholly taken on one of her roles in life as the messenger of epic, bringing you news, info and interviews of your favorite musicians out there and even had room to spare a credential for me to experience some of the most musical and amazing days of life.  So check it out, for your own sake. 

Here's to moshing, crowd surfing, ear plugs, head bobbing, dancing like you're legs are made of hammer pants and listening.  They're all things we could always use more of.

and thanks for looking!

In order of appearance:

Missy Higgins, Gotye, King Khan and The Shrines, Theesatisfaction, EyeHateGod, Awolnation, Civil Twilight, Mudhoney, M83, Lights, Passion Pit.

Kate Logan & Peter Bradley Adams by Rhys Logan


Portrait Session: Aidrien Wilkins by Rhys Logan

Local musician extroardinaire, WWU professor, and Prime Time Band lead guitarist Aidrien Wilkins and I got together for some formal portrait stuff and I had a blast getting some shots of this music wizard and his magical instrument, and if you get the chance to see him or his band perform, don't miss it!

thanks for looking




The Prime Time Band kills it again! by Rhys Logan

There are few bands worthy of covering the late Michael Jackson's songs. Even fewer capable of an entire Halloween concert dedicated to playing all of his greatest ones.  The Prime Time Band is one of those rare bands and on Saturday night they had a packed house of ghouls and goblins grooving hard at the Wild Buffalo until 1 in the morning.  More of an ensemble, The Prime Time Band is everything that great soul music used to be.  A collection of truly talented musicians, The Prime Time Band's funk driven beats and strong vocalists create a sound that is impossible to stand still to.  With enough soul in the air to give even the zombies in the crowd a shake in their shoulder, The Prime Time Band solidified their place in the Bellingham music scene for sure.  

Now get some razor sharp shoes for rug cutting, and go see them.

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