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Chan and Christine by Rhys Logan

You know you're overdue for a post when you have a hard time remembering the navigation of your own website...

That being said it has also been awhile since I've posted new work anywhere.. And unfortunately the old adage, 'better late than never,' has been a mantra echoed in my thoughts that has seemed to make an attempt at excusing all kinds of bad behavior photographically, or rather "postigraphically". After all, images are meant to be viewed.  It is this point that I have struggled with most.  Lost in the vast mire of images coming out of all facets of interweb entanglement, I seemed to have forgotten that my work and subsequent dissemination of that work has led me to some of the greatest adventures of my life, as well as some of the greatest people. 

On the topic of great people; the Stones have been some of my greatest friends in Bellingham, and luckily for all of us, one my favorite thing to do is take photos of my friends.  I've lived with Chan and Christine nearly two years and it has been a transition in my life from many things, and I could not be more thankful to have been blessed with such good (and tolerant) friends who put up with my gear, junk, hours and general idiocy. 

This particular mission took us to an adventuresome land in search of a ripe pseudotsuga menziesii to practice our early European heritage, interpreted from a possibly druid-esque hootenanny. But who knows.

Find one we did and get a couple photos we did as well. Thanks Chan and Christine for being such amazing people, for fishing trips and bearing with my photo taking and literally, putting a roof over my head.  

And thanks for looking,


Maggie and Jerry by Rhys Logan

Maggie and Jerry's wedding was one of the most fun, and most Polish weddings I've ever attended.  With the ceremony in Tacoma and reception in Seattle at the Polish Home, the weather was beautiful and I learned quickly that Polish people really know how to party.  It was a blast to see them and their friends gather together to celebrate their marriage and one that made my summer such a memorable one. Thanks Maggie and Jerry for being such awesome people! 

and thanks for looking,


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And Then, There Was One..... by Rhys Logan

Having two sisters growing up taught me alot to say the least.  But having them both add brothers to my life has made me even more thankful for having them in my life.  The only disappointment I could ever express over my sisters husbands, is the injustice that occurred in trying to playfully intimidate them when meeting them.... both of them dwarfing me and being like 6'5 or taller... 

Not fair. Especially when trying to play older brother, and only brother.  

I couldn't even imagine better men for the three best women in my life (my mother included) though, and taking part in both my sister's weddings has rooted our relationships in a deep place in my heart that I always knew I could never lose, but one I didn't know the depth of.

Kate-Lynne and Noah's wedding happened this October and what a gathering of years of friends and family, all rooting for both of them, and the beginning of another journey in their relationship.  

Held near our hometown, the historic, very rustic and timelessly classic Farmer's Hall, never looked better with my mother's amazing eye for decoration design and a beautiful crisp fall day on the plateau.  I had not seen many in my family for far too long, and catching up with so many familiar faces from home always replenishes my deep love of the place I come from.

thanks for looking    


Meghan and Josh by Rhys Logan

Meghan and Josh were one of the quickest wedding turnarounds I've ever had, they knew what they wanted and what they were doing and bam! We met up, got things dialed and the wedding day was happening before we even knew what was!

Their love for each other and between them and their friends was apparent in the way they interacted and laughed the entire day.  I was totally blessed to be part of their wedding and was connected to them through Meghan's sister Alexandra, a Western friend whose engagement session will be posted here later as well!  Some rare fall sun in Olympia worked things out just perfectly too and it was great being part of their day,

thanks Meghan and Josh for letting me be a part of it!

and thanks for looking


Erin and John by Rhys Logan

So its time for some wedding catchup, and all this nice weather were having has got me dreaming of summer a bit anyways!

What happens when you get a pro dancer a gorgeous day at Lord Hill Farms and a dog in a tux? If you guessed an epic dance filled sunny wedding day party then you're correct.  Erin and John's wedding day was a fun in the sun attitude mixed with family and friends and planned to a tee. Complete with a drumline rumba band and the most epic bubble tunnel I've ever seen, it was a complete joy and honor to be included on their day.  Some west side summer weather and a great sunset didn't hurt either.

Thank you Erin and John for such a great time, 

and thank you for looking.