seattle wedding

Shincho & Christina by Rhys Logan

As summer seems in no rush to show up this year, looking back at last year's wedding season has practically been necessity, just to believe it was all real.  Highlighted by so many close friends tying the knot, I couldn't have been more blessed to participate in such a personal way, on so many momentous occasions.  

Shincho and Christina's wedding was such an occasion and capturing the pure energy, excitement and party among countless friends and family, left me with some of my most cherished memories and some of my favorite work so far.

Between the hospitality of their family friend's amazing property on Samish Island, Christina's extended family's live band performing the reception (who even tours!) and partying with the group of people I have been lucky enough to call friends, naming it one for the ages still doesn't seem enough.  I can always tell when I'm having too good a time at a wedding.. because I over shoot it.

So  why not over post it too? 

To all of you who have encouraged me, been the subject of these visual journeys, allowed me to jump in the party right next to you and be witness to some of the most personal and rare moments, thank you. They have been some of the most personal and rare moments of my life as well.

and as always, thanks for looking,


Irene and Garrett's Wedding by Rhys Logan

Catching up on tons of wedding posts from the last couple seasons has really been a trip. Reliving so many great experiences with so many great people from right near home in the northwest, all the way out to the east coast, it has reminded me how lucky I am to call this my work and how every wedding story and experience, are unique.   Irene and Garret's was no exception.  One of the most relaxed wedding day's I've had, Irene and Garrett were amazing to work with, and things flowed impressively seamless. Getting to gasworks, navigating Seattle streets, finding some really nice warm August sun and ultimately finishing things up at 415 Westlake, this Seattle wedding was one rewarded with good summer vibes and a killer sunset in the city.

hopefully will be making many more posts soon, 

as always, thanks for looking,


Maggie and Jerry by Rhys Logan

Maggie and Jerry's wedding was one of the most fun, and most Polish weddings I've ever attended.  With the ceremony in Tacoma and reception in Seattle at the Polish Home, the weather was beautiful and I learned quickly that Polish people really know how to party.  It was a blast to see them and their friends gather together to celebrate their marriage and one that made my summer such a memorable one. Thanks Maggie and Jerry for being such awesome people! 

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Harry and Brie by Rhys Logan

Harry and Brie's wedding, was as unique as they come. 

Fitting for a couple unique as they come, in a city unlike any other.  Running around Seattle to some of the most familiar places, allowed me to see those places with completely new eyes, something I absolutely love about shooting.  Throw one of the most raucous dance parties in recent centuries, the colorful and beautiful heritage of Indian customs and their wedding was one very unforgettable experience for me.

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Fred and Shuo, class, tradition and kook! by Rhys Logan

Shooting Fred and Shuo's wedding on Capitol Hill in Seattle was an adventure to say the least. Blending an awesome group of friends, traditional Chinese custom, classy urban setting and venue at the beautiful Sole Repair Shop, I had a great time being part of their day, and loving an awesomely sunny and warm Seattle fall day.  Fred and Shuo were some of the most refreshingly comfortable-with-themselves kind of couple and running around to their favorite nooks of Capitol Hill was the perfect small getaway to really capture who they were. 

Here's to being yourself and to whoever makes you like yourself even more. 

and thanks for looking!