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matt and molly by Rhys Logan

Ariadne and Miguel by Rhys Logan

Meghan and Josh by Rhys Logan

Meghan and Josh were one of the quickest wedding turnarounds I've ever had, they knew what they wanted and what they were doing and bam! We met up, got things dialed and the wedding day was happening before we even knew what was!

Their love for each other and between them and their friends was apparent in the way they interacted and laughed the entire day.  I was totally blessed to be part of their wedding and was connected to them through Meghan's sister Alexandra, a Western friend whose engagement session will be posted here later as well!  Some rare fall sun in Olympia worked things out just perfectly too and it was great being part of their day,

thanks Meghan and Josh for letting me be a part of it!

and thanks for looking


Rachel and Travis by Rhys Logan

It often takes returning somewhere, to refresh the memories of how important it is to us.  Seeing familiar places with completely new eyes is something I cherish deeply about shooting, and that place for me lately has been my hometown.  People have grown and changed and moved on in their own ways, but very deep down much is the same about the town of Waterville that I grew up in.  It was a deeply moving experience for me to shoot Rachel and Travis's wedding this late summer, and one that has made me come to appreciate being from rural America more and more everyday.

 I could not travel more than a few feet without seeing familiar faces asking about my life, experiences, travels, family, and other friends.  Faces of those I went through grade school with, played on high school sports teams with, faces of teachers and coaches and just the familiar characters that make up the fabric of a very close knit community.  

Held at the house she was raised in, Rachel and Travis's wedding was a huge reunion of all sorts, and its beautiful, historic and personal setting, really made many of these images extremely memorable for me.  Their ceremony was held in a nearly 100 year old church. 

Topped off with a roof raising performance for the reception music by none other than Rachel's sister Rebecca along with her father and members of the Foghorn Stringband, a ridiculously lively, dust kicking country dance went down til the wee hours. 

Thanks Rachel and Travis for such an amazing time and truly blessing me! 

and as always thanks for looking, 


Rich and Becca by Rhys Logan

Rich and Becca's wedding was a whirlwind turned 3 day party. Showing up for the tail end of the families rehearsal dinner the night before, the wedding day, and then a great hang out and chill lunch the following day.  Surrounded by family and friends and with Rich's three brothers giving one of the most epic best man speeches I've ever witnessed, delivered in song nonetheless, I had an amazing time with them on their day.